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VOLUNTEERS in Afro-Asia Educare (photos)




At present we have 3 types of Volunteers.      PRESENTATION SLIDESHOW

Type 1: Helpers in Denmark and the Philippines/Africa to collect educational materials and money from sponsors. Longterm agreement.Working for free = no salary. Make "promotion" for AFRO-ASIA EDUCARE. See photo page.

Type 2: Helpers/volunteers in Africa, Zanzibar and Philippines  - for example teachers in computers, science, english, mathematics, Contract agreement for 1 - 12 months. Working for free. Free accomodation and food.

Our member schools in Zanzibar, Tanzania urgently need support from younger teachers with experience in teaching . Also other persons are needed (nurses, engineers,farmers, gardeners etc.). Just contact one of the persons listed below.

We are looking for other people (Type 2) with a big heart, who also want to help and explore the 3rd World for 1 - 3 - 6 - 12 months.on a volunteer basis. Normally without salary - but free food and accomodation.

Please view the photos of AFRO-ASIA EDUCARE's present volunteers at our photo page:   Volunteers 


Type 3

AAE was appointed by the danish governments suborganisation MS to coordinate a Danish volunteer program. This program has been effective in many foreign poor countries - and now the Philippines get the opportunity to benifit as well.

View more about this charity program, link : MS - Global Contact - Volunteer Program


   Volunteer in Tanzania

Ms. Signe Juel Rasmussen is 20 years old. She has decided to work as a volunteer in Tanzania for 3 months. She stays with a private Tanzanian family and works in a center for street kids (boys) in the age of 13-19 years old. 

Signe Juel Rasmussen er 20 år og har valgt at arbejde tre måneder som volontør i Tanzania. Her bor hun privat hos en tanzaniansk familie og arbejder på et center for gadedrenge på 13-19 år.  

Pictures from Tanzania


Kilde: Global Contact | Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke | Fælledvej 12, 2200 Kbh N |[email protected] 


Contact persons in AFRO-ASIA EDUCARE:



Father Anselmo Mwangamba

+255 784 419906
[email protected]


Mr. H. Mhini  - +255-754332604

Email: [email protected]



Mr.  Hans Nielsen

+45 61705398 

[email protected]



VOLUNTEERS, we shall greatly
appreciate to have them in our Mission here. For work welfare of the
most needy Children: Education, Food, Health and Clothing, etc. And for the Mission Women Activities.



"We are Looking for Volunteers from around the Global. If interested you will enjoy the following benefits:-

You are offered  the opportunity to support and develop third World Education sector  in Tanzania

  • You are offered free boarding and Lodging
  • Opportunity to  visit Tanzanian  National Parks  & Climbing  Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Period: From 3 - 6 months.

Interested volunteers are asked to contact Mr. H. Mhini, (School Director) by phone  +255-754332604 or email :[email protected]

for more information.

Our First Voluteer in our school

Mr. Kasper Larsen"

Kasper Larsen's Facebook profile












 Danish volunteers are also welcome to contact:

 Mr. Hans J. Nielsen, DK-Aabenraa (Chairman of AFRO-ASIA EDUCARE) - Tel. +45  61705398  email [email protected]


Mrs. Sylvie Susanne Mørkholt - Copenhagen - email   [email protected]         

Mobile Phone :  +45  51883000


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