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 13th JUNE 2009 

Nordstandskolen in Dragør (near Copenhagen, Denmark)   Homepage NORDSTRANDSKOLEN has just donated 400 school chairs and 200 school tables to AFRO-ASIA EDUCARE.The school furniture will be sent to our schools in Tanzania, Zanzibar and Philippines as soon as possible.


We are very thankful for this donation. 



 10th JUNE 2009

We are happy to announce that Mrs. Sylvie Susanne Mørkholt has joined AFRO-ASIA EDUCARE as a volunteer. She has  lived in Copenhagen for several years. She is doing marketing in an international company there. 


  Sylvie Susanne Mørkholt - email   [email protected]          Mobile Phone :  +45  51883000



 27th May 2009

Our member schools in Zanzibar, Tanzania urgently need support from young volunteer teachers with experience in education. We are looking for people with a big heart, who also want to help and explore the 3rd World.




Father Anselmo Mwangamba

[email protected]

website:  ZANZIBAR




Mr. H. Mhini

Email: [email protected]om

website :  TANZANIA


Mr. Willy B Stellander






Hans Nielsen, Chairman  - email: [email protected]





 A group of schools surrounding East Coast Secondary School, Kibaha, Tanzania will join AFRO-ASIA EDUCARE as members and qualify for the share of future donations - coordinated from our chief donation coordinator Mr. Mhini, East Coast Secondary School. We have visited several of the schools and other persons of importance for Afro-Asia Educare, who all look forward to a good cooperation and exchange of experiences etc.

We want to show you some photo - and video expressions, made during the last days. 

 20 Photos - cooperative schools



 9th May 2009 

The container, sent from Denmark just before Christmas has now been released and opened at East Coast Secondary School today.                     

There were some problems to get the container free from the Custom at the harbour in Dar Es Saalam. But different good people have finally been helping us - among those Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke (MS) - Thank you very much.

We bring pictures from this happy day at the East Coast Secondary School, Kibaha, Tanzania

 View pictures from Kibaha from 9 May 2009


 The chief donation coordinator for Tanzania and Zanzibar Mr. H. Mhini and Chairperson Hans J. Nielsen visited Father Anselmo's Catholic Mission. It was very impressive to see the very different projects -- schools, church, nursery school, vocantial training, schools for orphans. Please view the website:  

Father Anselmo needs more European volunteers - and offers attractive opportunities for teachers, nurses, engeneers and others, who want to help for 1-2-3-6 months. Please contact AFRO-ASIA EDUCARE from this website.

We have made a short video from one school.


 Photo collection from trip to Zanzibar - May 2009


Remarks from Father Anselmo, Zanzibar   

NEEDED urgently.

1. Funds in form of Donations.
   * For Paying Children School  Fees. When you were here you met some of them.
   * For me to  be able to  Repair  the  Car that got Accident,  o8.o3.o9. .

2. Volunteers...Women  and  Men: Here we have enough Accommodation.

For example:  We shall appreciate a lot to have a Volunteer Lady,be teaching our Kidimni Kindergarten. The Nursery
                   School  you saw. Due to lack  of  Funds, the school could not continue since the ending of last year, 2oo8.


 29th April 2009

The chairman of AFRO-ASIA EDUCARE, Mr. Hans J. Nielsen will visit our supported projects in Tanzania and Zanzibar until 25 May.

He will discuss with Mr. H. Mhini (Chief Donation Coordinator, Tanzania) and also Father Anselmo, Zanzibar about the existing projects and the plans for the future. 



 21 April 2009 

We are happy to announce that a new Danish and a new Norwegian volunteer have joined our organization.

Its Mr. Aage Hansen, Haderslev, Denmark. He is working in Sydbank Headoffice, IT-customer consultant.

Mr.Uwe Wrang is from Horten, Norway - independent businessperson. 

Mr. Aage and Mr. Uwe with their wife have recently visited the Philippines - Puerto Galera area. 

Welcome Mr. Aage and Mr. Uwe  to the work - and thank you for joining AFRO-ASIA EDUCARE


 20 April 2009

The annual meeting was held in Denmark, 6200 Aabenraa according to our statutes - on 16 April 2009,

wait 2 secs to reload the image

This is a picture just before the beginning of the meeting.From left: Mr. Anders Bille (Auditor), Mr. Poul Thomsen, (Vice-chairman) and Mr. Hans J. Nielsen (Chairman)

Minutes for the meeting can be found from this link: Minutes from Annual Meeting 16 April 2009 (Word doc.)  (Danish original version)

English translation :

 Blance Sheet as pr. 31 December 2008 (pdf file)



 6th April 2009

A private sponsor Ms. Hanne Johnsen, Haderslev,  Denmark today sponsored 9 plastic sacks full of nice sports equipment. We are very thankful for this great gift and know that the children in our schools will be very happy. Ms. Hanne Johnsen is a very active sportslady in her hometown.

Chairman Hans J. Nielsen and Ms. Hanne Johnsen by the turnover in Denmark today



 23th March 2009

A private sponsor Mr. O. Kirkbak, Aabenraa, Denmark here turns over 4 boxes with computer stuff, monitors, keyboards, speakers the chairman of AFRO-ASIA EDUCARE Mr. Hans J. Nielsen. The very useful equipment will be sent with the next shipment to Philippines or Africa.

 We are very thankful for this sponsor gift.


 16th March 2009


Will take place on Thursday 16 April in Aabenraa, Denmark - at 4 PM. local time:

Agenda :

1. Election of conductor
2. The board makes their report
3. The checked accounts are presented for approval    
4. Election of treasurer
5. Election of members to the board and substitutes   
Received proposals
Any other business.


  10th March 2009

Container number 4 for the schools in the Puerto Galera district in the Philippines has arrived last Saturday. Again the policewomen and -men assisted AFRO-ASIA EDUCARE with the secure transport and also emptying the container. We are very thankful for this important help from the police staffs.

The contents of the container - computers, schooltables etc. - will now  be distributed to those schools, which have most need and which are ready to start up  computer lessons.

Here is a slideshow from the arrival of the container no. 4 








Marchth 2009  : NEW WEBSITE and Domain name.

AFRO-ASIE ADUCARE always wants to have an updated and presentable website. Therefor we have redesigned our homepage at a new server and bought our own domain name. The name is - and the link to our website will in the future be 

 Fantastic New Computer Class-room - Puerto Galera Elementary School

After strugling for some times the Elementary School in Puerto Galera,  Philippines

has now (february 2009) a top modern computer classroom.(with aircon.). Donated by AFRO ASIA EDUCARE and 2 Danish private sponsors.

The names of the private Danish sponsors are:

 -   Malene Beck & Christen Christensen, Demark  
 (finishing of the class room and an IT-projector)
 -   Tanja Schjellerup and 2 of her friends, Denmark
  (payment of internet connection) 

We are proud to show you some pictures in the above slideshow from this computer class room

A team of school principal Ms. Castillo, Mr. Willy Stellander (projectmanager) 

and Ms. Jocelyn Manalo and many others have done a great job to reach this dream goal.

This computer classroom will help - not only the present students - but also those in the years to come.

Congratulations and thank you.







 Soon - within one month - we expect to ship the next container - to the schools Philippines





21th June 2011

Mellemfolkelig Samvirke (MS) has now approved the next 40 feet container with to be shipped to Tanzania / Zanzibar filled with school equipment.

 A packing- and shipment plan will now be created. The shipment is estimated to take place from Denmark within 2-3 weeks.

We thank MS for a good corporation.

Hans Nielsen, Chairman

Container for Africa

14th May 2011

Today the 2 coordinating NGO's Hertz School Foundation and Afro-Asia Educare managed to pack a 40 feet container for Africa ( Senegal) Here are some pictures from the store room and the container.


Thank you to all board members and volunteers for joining us with this hard but nice work. Read News Paper article


Hans Nielsen, Chairman

Yearly general assembly - 12. April 2011

12. April 2011 

Picture from the Yearly General Assembly: From left: Mr. Hans J. Christensen, Mrs. Eli Hedegaard, Mr. vicechairman Poul Thomsen, Auditor Svend Erik Christensen.

New Boardmember

Mr. Uffe Elbæk, Aabenraa (Denmark) was elected as new boardmember.


Mr. Uffe Elbæk, has been volunteer since last year. He is director of Erhvervenes Hus, Aabenraa, Denmark. . In his previous carreer he has been MS-development worker in Africa and Asia. He has been working in the Philippines for more than 2 year. Afro-Asia Educare Foundation is very happy with this election. Most Welcome Uffe.



Reportage in the Danish Television ALT-TV

12th September 2011                                        


    TV-Reportage  (click)






New Volunteer joined Afro-Asia Educare

8th September 2011

We are very happy to announce, that Ms. Jette Borch, Aabenraa has joined our foundation as volunteer.

Ms. Jette is an educated teacher, and has at present a job as jounalist at a local TV-station. She has for long been interested in the works in the Danish NGO's and especially Afro-Asia Educare.

We are very happy that she joined our organization - Welcome Jette.

Container shipment to the Philippines - Puerto Galera

8th September 2011

We are happy to inform, that we today has shipped another container to the Central School in Puerto Galera, and 25 schools in the Puerto Galera district. The equipment has been been collected from Danish private and company donors.

There are a lot of good school equipment, computers and even a Piano.




Good News for the PHILIPPINES - New container transport approved.

28th July 2011

We are happy to inform, that the Danish organization MS today has approved the payment of our next container transport to the Philippines.

The container will be shipped to Puerto Galera - to the Central School (1000 students) Link The school stuff (computers, monitors, laptops, printers, school furniture) will be distributed to the Central School and the other 20 schools in the district.

 This picture shows the central storage room of Afro-Asia Educare in Denmark, and showing a port of the goods for the Philippines



Afro-Asia Educare are collection PC's & Monitors in Denmark

27th July 2011

We have a good success from companies and private people to collect good school stuff for our schools in the Philippines and Africa.

Please read the following article from a local newspaper :  click link



Donations of PC-Monitors (Skærme) from Danish Private Sponsors

20th July 2011




Due to help from the Press and private sponsors Afro-Asia succeeded to collect many second hand computer monitors ( traditional and flat screens). We have from another sponsor received a donation of many computers without monitors.

Thank you to all our valued sponsors.



Preparing 1 container shipment for  Tanzania/Zanzibar

17th July 2011


40 " container packed on sunday 17th July 2011. Thanks a lot to all the Danish sponsors and the volunteers helping packing the container.





27th February 2009

New boardmember from the Philippines

 We are happy and proud to announce, that our foundation has got a new boardmember from the Philippines.


He has - as a private person and as the Mayor of Puerto Galera - done a lot of positive work for our foundation in the past, and  with his vision for the future we are sure that it will help our foundation and the Philippines - especially the poor shcools and students.


 16th February 2009

   Mr. Willy B. Stellander now "an adopted son of Puerto Galera, Philippines"We are very proud to announce that our Chief Donation Coordinator for the Philippines and founder of our foundation has been honored as "an adopted son of Puerto Galera"   ("adopted son of Puerto Galera" = "æresborger" in Danish)




The leader of the mission station in Zanzibar, Tanzania.Father Anselmo informs us about a very new Water Project. He needs  more donors to support and help him. 

We wish the project all the best - and that some donors will contact Father Anselmo directly by email. 



East Cost Secondary school made in 2008 their own NEW website.





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