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Central Store Room in Kliplev, Denmark - Rearranged

21. februar 2015  



AFRO-ASIA EDUCARE - Danish NGO, Since 2000
A small group of volunteers and boardmembers rearranged the stock of school-.items at the Central Store Room in Kliplev, Denmark.

Now we got much more space for new sponsor goods for the poor school children in Philippines and Africa....
Thank you very much to the helpers today - you did a great and good work.

Hans Nielsen, Chairmain


Visit to the 11 sponsor children at Puerto Galera National High School


 Mrs Gloria and the Afro-Asia Educare chairman Hanss Nielsen had a conversion with the 11-group of sponsor children, sponsored and donated by Danish  donors.

Provided enough danish sponsors this shonsorship is supposed to continue. 


Videos from the Danish TV-Team - summer 2014








Visit to the supported schools in Tanzania   &  Interview in Danish Radio 16.8.2014 



 AABENRAA HJÆLPER I AFRIKA (Tanzania)  Radio interview 16th August 2014. Click and listen DR4 - Radio Syd - live)

Her kan du høre DR4 Radiointerview, fra igår med NGO AFRO-ASIA EDUCARE, Aabenraa og formanden Hans Nielsens netop aflagte besøg i Afrika.(ca 5-6 minutter).
Interesserede som har mulighed for at give en hjælpende hånd eller kan være sponsor med et kontant beløb bedes kontakte:
Telefon 6170 5398 - - Hans Nielsen 
Click på dette link og lyt
Dr4 Hjn


Her kan du høre DR4 Radiointerview, fra igår med NGO AFRO-ASIA EDUCARE, Aabenraa og formanden Hans Nielsens netop aflagte besøg i Afrika.(ca 5-6 minutter).
Interesserede som har mulighed for at give en hjælpende hånd eller kan være sponsor med et kontant beløb bedes kontakte:
Telefon 6170 5398 - - Hans Nielsen 
Click på dette link og lyt


Slideshow from chairmans Hans Nielsens project visit to Tanzania in July 2014. 



Container arrived today 20th June i Puerto Galera, Philippines


 The container from Denmark arrived today in the School in Puerto Galera. The transport has taken very long time this time. A off-loading team was organized from Mrs. Jocelyn Fernando and she called her friends at the Policestation. Soon many police officers were there helping. We are very helpfull for this assistance from the Police and the police men. THANK you.



Interview with 3 volunteers (frivillige) in Philippines for Afro-Asia Ed.





2. May 2014


AFRO-ASIA EDUCARE is happy to present 2 new members and volunteers.

Its Kadija D. Jalloh and Stepanie Nissen, born in Africa (Sierra Leone and Cameroon). They are since years living and working in Copenhagen. They have a big heart and want to help poor children and hospitals in the Philippines and especially on their home continent Africa.



 We welcome Kadija and Stephanie to the work and corparation.

If you know somebody who want to go the same same af Kadija and Stephanie - please contact our chairman




Annual Meeting - Årlig generalforsamling - 10. May 2014

Indkaldelse til ordinær generalforsamling i Afro-Asia Educare - lørdag 10.maj 2014 - kl 10 - Kallemosen 9, Aabenraa

Date 14th April 2014
Billede indsat i tekst 2

Jfr. foreningens vedtægter indkaldes der herved til ordinær generalforsamling.

Billede indsat i tekst 1
7. Eventuelt
Giv venligst et praj såfremt du har mulighed for at deltage i Generalforsamlingen. Telefon6170 5398
Indkaldelsen opslås endvidere på foreningens hjemmeside
Hans J. Nielsen, Kallemosen 9, DK-6200 Aabenraa
Bestyrelsesformand, Afro-Asia Educare


Annual Meeting - Årlig Generalforsamling 10. th May 2014  + NEW VIDEO

Brandnew video from Philippines - April/May 2014


wait a moment - a interesting slideshow will appear soon - (latest yearly meeting)


 Bestyrelsen: nyvalgt Flemming Klynder, Aabenraa.  Nyvalgt som suppleant Klaus Grabetz, Aabenraa.

Årsregnskab 2013  click            Referat fra generallforsamling  click



2 TV-journalister rapporterer om vore aktiviteter i Filippinerne

PRESSEMEDDELELSE   26. February 2014

NGO u-landshjælp fra Sønderjylland dokumenteres nu af 2 Aabenraa TV-journalister, der tager turen til Filippinerne.

Hertz School Foundation og Afro-Asia Educare begge fra Sønderjylland (Aabenraa) blev i foråret tilgodeset med midler fra GENBRUG TIL SYD (finansieret af Udenrigsministeriet) til forsendelse af 3 containere med skole- og hospitalsudstyr til henholdsvis Senegal, Tanzania og Filippinerne. Containeren til Filippinerne er netop sendt med skib fra Fredericia.


Ved bevillingen fulgte muligheden for at 2 lokale TV-folk (fotograf Lejf Gilsager og journalist Jette Borch) kan følge containeren til Filippinerne med henblip på at dokumentere hjælpearbejdet i Filippinerne. Formålet med optagelserne i Filippinerne er bl.a. produktion af en TV-udsendele(r) om de 2 NGO-foreningers arbejde. Den ene af de to TV-folk er villige til et interview inden afrejsen den 10. marts 2014. Kontakt venligst Jette Borch direkte på telefon 60732033.






Hans Nielsen, formand

AFRO-ASIE EDUCARE - Website   -  telefon 61705398


Finalizing packing of Container for schools & hospital i Philippines

 7th February 2014


High Activity in Afro-Asia Educare - Shipment of 3 Containers and Music Festival

28th January 2014


In November 2013 our Foundation - together with Hertz  School Foundation - arranged this Festival. It was a great succes and all the net-income will be sponsored to the schools in Africa and Philippines




We are very happy for the approvement of 3 containers to our sponsor schools in Africa and Philippines.

We have allready shipped a jumbo-container to Senegal 2 weeks ago. Last week we shipped a container to Tanzania.



In 2 -3 weeks we will ship a container to our  schools in Philippiness. The container is allready 75 % packed with school stuff and stuff for the local hospital.



40  feet jumbo container with school equipment packed and sent to Africa.

4th January 22014

 The new year 2014 started positiv, then the 2 Aabenraa NGOs packed and sent a huge 40 feet container to Africa (Senegal) We expect that the school stuff will arrive in about 4 weeks. A lot of volunteers and other helpers were involved in th operation. We want to show you some pictures:




Great collection of paintings donated to Afro-Asia Educare

A danish painter has donated a collection af about 40 beautiful paintings.

They are now for one month to be seen in Sydbank, Aabenraa, Denmark. The salesprovenue will be spended to poor students in Philippines and Africa.



New Danish Volunteer - welcome

20. September 2013

We are pleased to be able to track a growing support for the Afro-Asia Educares work in the 3rd World - Africa and the Philippines. Here we help very poor schoolchildren and schools to lift education nivauet to get out of poverty.

We are therefor happy to announce a new volunteer, Mr. Jens Frederiksen, Aabenraa, Denmark. Jens first job will be to helg in arranging the big music- and culture festival on 2nd November 2013. View

Mr. Jens Frederiksen


We offer the following Jens Frederiksen welcomed into the circle of talented volunteers in Denmark and the Philippines. Jens-'s first task will be to assist in the conduct of the great musical and cultural celebration in Aabenraa, 2 November - See more
Everyone is welcome




We offer the following Jens Frederiksen welcomed into the circle of talented volunteers in Denmark and the Philippines. Jens-'s first task will be to assist in the conduct of the great musical and cultural celebration in Aabenraa, 2 November - See more
Everyone is welcome





Our foundation Afro-Asia Educare has received a worthfull donation from Veterinærinstuttet in  Aarhus. About 30 flatscreen monitors, modems, switiches, mouses, overhead projector etc.  

We want to  thank the Veterinærinstituttet in Aarhus and especially Ms. HanneBuchholtz who has been our contactperson during a long period.


Also thank to the volunteers from Afro-Asia Educare for a great work. You will see some pictures from the operation. Until we can ship into container to Africa and Philippines we had to temporaly store the good stuff in a storeroom in Aabenraa.


Afro-Asia Educare Chairman Mr. Hans Nielsen

9th July 2013

About early retirement from Banking Worl - and Travel Agency. Article from a Sydbank Magasin.  





MUSIC- & CULTURE FESTIVAL - SEPT. 2012 - In Aabenraa (Denmark)

22nd September 2012 

Like previous years a festival was created in Sept. 2012. The purpose was to collect financial sources to distribute to the schools in Afrika and Philippines. 



19th October 2012


Big donation for poor students in Philippines and Africa.

Today our foundation we received a big and very valued donation of 50 computer-monitors.

The donor is the Danish Company Kolding Herreds Landbrugsforening, DK-Kolding.




We are very happy and thankful for this valued donation. 


New donation from Danish Language School for African and Philippines School

16.October 2012

Pick up a new donation from AOF Aabenraa/Toendern, Denmark. A team from Afro-Asia Educare and Hertz School Foundation did a good and quick work. The equipment was stored in the Central Storage Room annex. The goods will be shipped to Philippines and Africa as soon as possbile 



Donation from Danish Schools in Germany - Ejderskolen in Rendsburg & Hatlund School

11th August 2012

Afro-Asia Educare was handed over 2 new donations from the  Danish Schools in Northern Germany (Sydsleswig). Today the valued donation came from Ejderskolen in Rendsburg and Hatlund Skole in Steinbergkirche.

A team from the schools and Afro-Asia Educere shared the loading and ofloading of goods in a very good teamwork. View this videoclip



 Now the central storage room in Kliplev is 99,9 % full, and we hope to be able to ship some of the nice equipment to Africa and Philippines in near future.








Another Donation from Aabenraa Sprogskole - Sønderborg branch (Denmark)

2nd August 2012

Today we received another big donation fra Aabenraa Sprogskole (Language School) Sønderborg Branch. A team from Afro-Asia Educare and Hertz School Foundation brought the  equipment into a termporary storage room at a farm near Aabenraa. Also staff-members from the Aabenraa Sprogskole joined the action.

You will get an impression of the day on the video

 We want to say a big thank  you to Aabenraa Sprogskole for this second valued donation.

Hans Nielsen, Chairman


New Donation from Danish School, in Germany (Uffe Skolen)

1 July 2012

NEW DONATION for Afro-Asia Educare
The Danish School UFFE-Skolen in Toenning,, Germany has donated a whole container with nice school equipment. AAE volunteers and boardmembers went today to Germany and picked up the valued goods. It was off-loaded at the AAE central storage room in Kliplev.

The Headmaster of Uffe-School Mr. Horst together with AAE volunteer Ms. Mette
Afro-Asia Educare expect to be able to send two containers more before end of this year: one for Philippines and one for Tanzania.
Off-loading in our central storage in Kliplev, Denmark.

The picture shows the UFFE-School, where teachers and parents were helping a lot - and even made a small barbeque with drinks for the transport-team.

Thank you very much to ALL who was helping today.

Hans Nielsen, Chairman
Afro-Asia Educare - the Danish Foundation



New volunteer (Nr. 21) Ms. Mette Christesen, Flensburg, Germany

9 th July 2012

We are happy to announce and present our new volunteer - Ms. Mette Christesen, Flensburg, Germany. She is volunteer nr.21.

Ms. Mette has a job in "Dansk Skoleforening i Sydslesvig" An organization taking care of the Danish schools in the northern of Germany.

Ms. Mette and the chairman Hans Nielsen visited  2 schools in Rendsburg (EJDER SKOLEN)

and Tønning (UFFE SKOLEN)





 Here is a map overview of the Danish Schools in the Northern of Germany (Sydslesvig)


AOF Language School, Aabenraa (DK) new Donor of highvalued school equipment

7th July 2012

The 2 charity foundations in Aabenraa (Denmark) - Afro-Asia Educare & Hertz School Foundation have now found a new sponsor for high valued school equipment.


A team of about 12 volunteers helped to transport the equipment to the new storage room in Kliplev.
A truck was rented and a volunteer truckdriver hired. After about 5 hrs. intensive work the team was served a nice african food and it was time to relaxe a bit.

It was a very succesfully day and our poor schools in Africa and Philippines can look forward to receive school good equipment of high quality - as soon as the "paperwork" has been done.

Thank you very much to AOF Sprogcenter for this big donation and thank you to all volunteers and helpers today.


New volunteer from the Philippines

6th July 2012

We are very happy to announce that Mr. Rene Somoza, has re-entered our Foundation as volunteer. Mr. Somoza has his job at the Municipal in Puerto Galera, Philippines.





We are very happy for all our 20 volunteers from Denmark, Philippines, Africa and other countries.  We would like to show them all in this photo-gallery  




30 May 2012

We are very happy to inform that the Danish Transport company MARKER LOGISTIK A/S, Kliplev have agreed to support AFRO-ASIA EDUCAR. Marker Logistik provides our foundation 100-150 sqm storage room. That will help our Foundation  a lot because we have several sponsors with school equipment. Until now we have not been able to receive due to lack of storage room. Now this problem has been solved. We thank the owner of Marker Logistik A/S, Mr. Bent Lagoni very much. He had seen a notice about our storage room problems in the local newspaper Jydske Vestkysten.

At the below picture you see the storage room, where we will get a space or corner for our goods.

 At the picture you see lagerchef  Mr. Nis Peter Ipsen and trafikchef Mr. Bjarne Terp, Marker Logistik A/S




Årlig generalforsamling /  Yearly Assembly  - 26. April 2012

26th April 2012

A picture from  the yearly Assembly on 26th April 2012 in Aabenraa (Denmark)

Minutes of the meeting incl. profit/loss of the year 2011 you will find under section "about us" shortly.

Aarsregnskab  2011                Referat fra generalforsamling 26. april 2012

Minutes for General Meeting 26-4-2012

The vice-chairman Mr. Poul Thomsen has resigned. This post will be taken over by board-member Mr. Uffe Elbæk.

As new board-members were Mr. Jan Samuelson, Haderslev and Mr.Hans J. Christensen, Sønderborg elected.

The auditor Mr. Svend Erik Christensen was  re-elected. All other board-members  and  substitutes were also re-elected.



Årlig Generalforsamling -  Torsdag 26. April 2012 - kl. 15,00 i Aabenraa (Sydbank) - Yearly Assembly

 Agenda according to our statutes

1. Valg af dirigent

2. Bestyrelsen aflægger beretning

3. Det reviderede regnskab forelægges til godkendelse

4. Valg af revisor

5. Valg af bestyrelsesmedlemmer og suppleanter

6. Indkomne forslag

7. Eventuelt


Hans Nielsen, Chairman -  29th March 2012

Private Danish Sponsors Supports our Foundation

19th March 2012

We are happy to feel that more and more private sponsors support Afro-Asia Educares work in the Philippines and Africa.

Today Mrs. Jonna Nielsen, Gråsten and her son Kenny came and handed over 2 computers and 2 monitors. Furthermore a nice bag with different computer equipment. Thank you very much Jonna and Kenny.

From left: Hans Nielsen (AAE-chairman), Jonna Nielsen and Kenny Nielsen





Afro-Asia Educares Chairman visits the Philippines  from December - March 2012



 On 2nd March Afro-Asia Educare was invited to join the 22nd Founding Celebration at the Puerto Galera National High School. It was a very nice day for Students, Parents, Teachers, Principal and the invited guests.

Afro-Asia Educare - represented by Chairman Mr. Hans Nielsen - was awarded from the school for its support to the National High School.

Please view the new website of Puerto Galera National High School  sponsored by Afro-Asia Educare.






The Chairman Mr. Hans Nielsen visit in the Philippines from 1st December 2011 until 10th of March 2012. The goal was to follow up on existing projects in the Puerto Galera area and to identify new projects to be included in Afro-Asia Educares Sponsor/Donation program.

Hans Nielsen was invited to join the celebration in the Central School, Puerto Galera. Pls. view this nice video clip for the 108 year Anniversary party. Many of the classes made a very great performing at the stage.



The Chairman had talked with representatives for the Central School and the Chief Donation Coordinator for the Philippines  - the School Principal Mr. Rich Belen and Mr. Ernesto Magboo. Central School had recently received a donated container from Denmark / Afro-Asia Educare.



 The chairman had invited the Mayor in Puerto Galera Dr. Hubbert C. Dolor, MD (board-member of Afro-Asia Educare) and some Danish volunteers and neighbors  to a small working-dinner in the Nippa Hut of the "White House". Even the meeting was held in a relaxed atmosphere some common important items were discussed.




The local public hospital in Puerto Galera was visited by representatives from Afro-Asia Educare together with a friend Mrs. Joan Olsen (former Danish-Canadian nurse). The hospital was handed over several bags of useful stuff for the hospital. The chief Doctor was very happy for this sponsorship.


Afro-Asia Educare visited the public local library together with some Danish NGO friends (Mr. Frank Thiesgaard and his wife Betina and children). Also 2 of the originally founders of the public library Ms. Jocelyn Manalo and Mr. Willy Stellander joined the visit.

AAE finds this project very good for the students and the whole community.The Library has for example computers with free internet access.

Afro-Asia Educare has in corporation with the organization DanPhil ScoolAid sponsored the internet fees for the next 12 months.




Afro-Asia Educare wants to help as many as possible of poor schools and students in the Puerto Galera area - even all over Philippines. Therefor AAE is going to make a donation agreement with Puerto Galera National High school as the distribution center. How the equipment will be shared among the schools will be decided by the chief donation coordinator Mr. Ernesto Magboo together with local advisers and of-course final approval by AAE. 


 NGO-friend Mr. Frank Thiesgaard sponsored a leather football to the Puerto Galera National Highschool. As representant for the school and students Mr. John Carlo Manalo received the nice ball.

At the picture (right) you see from left: AAE-Chairman Hans Nielsen, Mr. & Mrs Hans J. Christen and wife Eli, The Principal  and PTA president Mrs. Jocelyn Manalo.




Music- and Culture Sponsor Gift Peso 15.000 for Puerto Galera, Philippines

On arrival of chairman Mr. Hans Nielsen, Afro-Asia Educare in the Philippines, he had a nice "Christmas gift".

From the profit of the Music- and Culture Party in Denmark in September 2011 the chairman had 3 envelopes with each peso 5.000.

They were handed over to

  • Puerto Galera Central school
  • Puerto Galera National Highschool
  • The Public Library

the amounts to be used for specific purposes.





CELEBRATION in CENTRAL SCHOOL, Puerto Galera, Philippines

 The Central School in Puerto Galera, Philippines celebrated the 108 Year Founding in December 2011.
As supporter and donator Afro-Asia Educare was happy to be invited to this very nice celebration, where most of the classes were performing excellent on the stage.
Hans Nielsen (Chairman)

New container arrived in Puerto Galera - Philippines

13th December 2012

We have received a "thank you" slideshow from the Central School and PG School District.

Please click this link to see the happy slideshow pictures.


16th November 2011

There were happines at the Central School today, when the 20 feet container arrived from Danish donors.


The school equipment will now as soon as possible be distributed to the Central School and the other schools in the Puerto Galera district.

Our chief donation coordinator 

and the headmaster of the Central will propose how the school equipments shall be distributed.

The picture show some of the school equipment just before loading into the container in Denmark.

We hope to get some pictures from the unloading in Puerto Galera.








New Agreement of Corporation

3rd November 2011

Afro-Asia Educare has made an agreement of corporation with another Danish charity organization, namely the DanPhil School Aid,

which also helps poor schools and children in the Philippines.

To conserve resources, we have started a corporation.

In the future Afro-Asia Educare is responsible for the shipment of all the materials collected by the two organizations. This gives a better utilization of the transportation to the Philippines.

DanPhil School Aid will of course still contribute with school equipment; however, it will be stored in Afro-Asia Educares storage room and Afro-Asia Educare will  ship and distribute  the equipment.

Both organizations hope in this way to get more out of their efforts in Denmark, to the benefit of poor schools and children in the Philippines.

Hans Nielsen, Chairman



MS (Mellemfolkelig Samvirkes) yearly meeting - 28/29 Oct. 2011 - in Denmark

30th October 2011

Afro-Asia Educare attended with 2 representatives in Mellemfolkelig Samvirkes (MS) annual conference for ca. 100 enthusiasts.  Ca. 50-60 Danish NGO's were invited to the conference, where the main theme was cooperative relationships. The discussions followed Open Space principle.
A very exciting and useful  conference, where also was time to the networking and social relationships.


En kollega NGO fortalte om deres ambulance projekt i Gambia.Spændende.

Hans Nielsen, Chairman
Afro-Asia Educare


Danish private sponsors visit School in Philippines

24th October 2011

 A Danish family - Mrs. Lone and Mr. Peter Nielsen - visited the Puerto Galera Central School together with a friend Mrs. Sonja. The Principal Mr. Rich. Belen were very happy for the visitors, because they are sponsors at the School. The have sponsored for the new internet connection to improve the education standard.

Afro Asia Educare thinks its a very good idea if sponsors go and view with their own eyes the projects they are sponsoring.

Music- & Cultural Festival 24. September 2011 - in Denmark

25th September 2011

A video clip from the Music- & Culture Festival in Aabenraa on 24th September. Here an African bongo-drummer group and dancers.



 It was a great festival - good entertainment with singers and dancers from  Africa, Asia, South America and Europa. Nice ethnic food, a big Tombola, Art auction and dance to an excellent DJ. The profit of the party will be donated to the supported schools in Africa and Philippines.


Donation from Denmark arrived in Tanzania - 22. September 2011

22ndSeptember 2011



Radio interview with the chairman Hans Nielsen

Reportage in the Danish Television ALT-TV

12th September 2011                                        


    TV-Reportage  (click)





New Volunteer joined Afro-Asia Educare

8th September 2011

We are very happy to announce, that Ms. Jette Borch, Aabenraa has joined our foundation as volunteer.

Ms. Jette is an educated teacher, and has at present a job as jounalist at a local TV-station. She has for long been interested in the works in the Danish NGO's and especially Afro-Asia Educare.

We are very happy that she joined our organization - Welcome Jette.


Container shipment to the Philippines - Puerto Galera

8th September 2011

We are happy to inform, that we today has shipped another container to the Central School in Puerto Galera, and 25 schools in the Puerto Galera district. The equipment has been been collected from Danish private and company donors.

There are a lot of good school equipment, computers and even a Piano.





Good News for the PHILIPPINES - New container transport approved.

28th July 2011

We are happy to inform, that the Danish organization MS today has approved the payment of our next container transport to the Philippines.

The container will be shipped to Puerto Galera - to the Central School (1000 students) Link The school stuff (computers, monitors, laptops, printers, school furniture) will be distributed to the Central School and the other 20 schools in the district.

 This picture shows the central storage room of Afro-Asia Educare in Denmark, and showing a port of the goods for the Philippines


Afro-Asia Educare are collection PC's & Monitors in Denmark

27th July 2011

We have a good success from companies and private people to collect good school stuff for our schools in the Philippines and Africa.

Please read the following article from a local newspaper :  click link


Donations of PC-Monitors (Skærme) from Danish Private Sponsors

20th July 2011



Due to help from the Press and private sponsors Afro-Asia succeeded to collect many second hand computer monitors ( traditional and flat screens). We have from another sponsor received a donation of many computers without monitors.

Thank you to all our valued sponsors.


Preparing 1 container shipment for  Tanzania/Zanzibar

17th July 2011


40 " container packed on sunday 17th July 2011. Thanks a lot to all the Danish sponsors and the volunteers helping packing the container.



Soon - within one month - we expect to ship the next container - to the schools Philippines




21th June 2011

Mellemfolkelig Samvirke (MS) has now approved the next 40 feet container with to be shipped to Tanzania / Zanzibar filled with school equipment.

 A packing- and shipment plan will now be created. The shipment is estimated to take place from Denmark within 2-3 weeks.

We thank MS for a good corporation.

Hans Nielsen, Chairman


Container for Africa

14th May 2011

Today the 2 coordinating NGO's Hertz School Foundation and Afro-Asia Educare managed to pack a 40 feet container for Africa ( Senegal) Here are some pictures from the store room and the container.


Thank you to all board members and volunteers for joining us with this hard but nice work. Read News Paper article


Hans Nielsen, Chairman


Yearly general assembly - 12. April 2011

12. April 2011 

Picture from the Yearly General Assembly: From left: Mr. Hans J. Christensen, Mrs. Eli Hedegaard, Mr. vicechairman Poul Thomsen, Auditor Svend Erik Christensen.

New Boardmember

Mr. Uffe Elbæk, Aabenraa (Denmark) was elected as new boardmember.


Mr. Uffe Elbæk, has been volunteer since last year. He is director of Erhvervenes Hus, Aabenraa, Denmark. . In his previous carreer he has been MS-development worker in Africa and Asia. He has been working in the Philippines for more than 2 year. Afro-Asia Educare Foundation is very happy with this election. Most Welcome Uffe.


Balance Sheet 2010

Referat/Minutes from Annual Meeting 12 April 2011 (in Danish)

Minutes from General Meeting, 12th April 2011 (in English)



2. Donotation from Østersø Højskolen, Aabenraa

6. April 2011

We were very happy, as the Østersø Højskolen again called us. The had a new donation of computers and printers for us.                               

Here we pick the computer stuff from Østersø højskolen. The african helper is Mr. Abdllah and the representant Mr. Allan Nielsen from the Østersøhøjskolen.

Thank you very much


NEW MUSIC & CULTURE FESTIVAL 24th SEPTEMBER 2011 - Aabenraa (Denmark)

3rd April 2011

Like in 2010 two Danish NGO's are involved in this years Music- & Culture Festival. There final program are under construction.

But we invite you to have a view at the website allready now. There will be a lot of nice music, dancing and original food from Asia and Africa.

The festival is open-door for all - and the profit will be donated to the 2 Foundations Afro-Asia Educare and Hertz School Foundation

Her is the link : Music- & Culture Festival 

For example this fantastic Euro-African drummer group will perform 



New Danish Volunteer - to the Philippines

13. MARCH 2011

I am very happy and proud to present our new Danish volunteer - Mr. William Møller

Mr. William have started at the Puerto Galera Central School as a volunteer.  His interests are been helping poor people and kids.

Beside children William also will participate in sport, food-program and IT activities at the School. He is involved in the new Internet project as sponsor.

Thank you William and most welcome to Afro-Asia Educare - and Puerto Galera, Philippines


Hans Nielsen, Chairman 


Årlig generalforsamling - Yearly general assembly - 12th April - 15.00 in Sydbank Aabenraa

 Agenda according to our statutes

1. Valg af dirigent

2. Bestyrelsen aflægger beretning

3. Det reviderede regnskab forelægges til godkendelse

4. Valg af revisor

5. Valg af bestyrelsesmedlemmer og suppleanter

6. Indkomne forslag

7. Eventuelt


Hans Nielsen, Chairman -  8th March 2011 


Good news for the Puerto Galera Central School, Philippines

25th February 2011

Puerto Galera Central School (1100 Students) found sponsors.

Internet connection and a new website is now secured.

Knowledge and IT-knowledge is power for the future.

View the sponsors at the new website          (new website)


Elementary School Puerto Galera, Phillippines visited

A Danish group of visitos was invitet to see the PUERTO GALERA Elementary School.
The group was very much impressed to see the school conditions in the Philippines and compare to the Danish schools.

The Puerto Galera Elementary School is one among 21 schools in the Puerto Galera Districts, which are supported by the Danish foundation AFRO-ASIA EDUCARE.
The Danish guests donated a cash amount to the School.

3 of the female teachers at the School, were proud to show the guests their school and classes.


View one of the classes singing for the guests :





Our Donation plans for 2011 approved by MS (Actionaid Denmark)


 26. January 2011

Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke (MS) is a subdivision af the Danish Foreign Ministery. MS has today informed us the good news, that our wishes for container shipment to Africa and Philippines has been pre-approved.

We expect therefore in 2011 to send one 20 feet container to Philippines and one 40 feet container to Tanzania and Zanzibar. 

We are now able to make a shipment plan together with the local chief donation coordinators in Africa and Philippines.

Thanks to MS for this good news. 



Donation for the local hospital in Puerto Galera, Philippines

07th January 2011

Today a big sack of hospital equipment was handed over from a woman with a good heart, Mrs. Joan Olsen, Puerto Galera. Mrs. Joan is Danish-Canadian retired nurse - but still very active.


Chief Doctor Rosse C. Villaruel M.D., Mrs. Joan Olsen, Mrs. Joans Danish friend listening to the needs of the hospital now and in the future. 



 Mrs. Joan Olsen, Mr. Chief Doctor Rosse C. Villaruel M.D., Mr. Nestor (chief donation coordinator Afro-Asia Educare), and volunteer Joy Ongue. Afro-Asia Educare


Volunteer Teachers for Philippines and Africa - JOB OPPORTUNITY

Volunteer Teachers to Philippines - Succes to be followed up  Pls. View:

 .       .  

Please read Mr. Kasper Larsens report after 58 days in Puerto Galera National Highschool, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines (English version) (Danish version)

All involved parties says that the group of 5 danish teachers was a great succes.

Are you a teacher or have other skills. Please contact me on the mail (chairman)


Welcome to 3 new Danish Volunteers who have joined Afro-Asia Educare


Mrs. Eli Hedegaard Sønderborg


Mr. Arne Nielsen, Herning


Ms. Lourdes Bontigao, Manila/Aabenraa

 19th November 2010

We are happy and proud to welcome Eli, Arne and Lourdes  in the team of volunteers.

Valued donations to Afro-Asia Educare - from Danish sponsors

15th November 2010

During the last month, we have received a lot and valued equipment from private persons and companies in Denmark.

From a school - VUC, Odense - we were donated 2 trucks filled with almost new school furnitures. From private sponsors, we received a training cycle for the hospital in Puerto Galera. From other friends of our foundation we received a big collection of tools and a lot of cellphones. We have now so much good stuff and equipment in our central storage, that we can ship 4-6 containers to our sponsored schools in Africa and Philippines. Due to the financial situation of MS Actionaid (mainsponsor) we have to wait until begin of 2011, before we expect to be able to ship again.

Thank you very much                          

Helping in Tanzania - many years - video from Genbrug til Syd (GTS)

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t, images, and other content

Volunteers doing a great work for Philippines and Africa

6th November 2010

 Our volunteers are doing a great work,collecting equipment for our supported schools and hospital. Here you see Mr. Hans J. Christensen, Sonderborg (wife Mrs. Eli Hedegaard not on the picture) handing over some of the nice effects to chairman Hans Nielsen. In the midle the owner/administrator of our central store room Mr. Henrik Kock.


Mellemfolkelig Samvirkes/MS Actionaid yearly conference - Denmark 29/30 Oct. 2010

30 OCT 2010

Photo slideshow from MS/Actionaid Denmarks yearly conference for Danish NGO' helping the 3rd World. A very good conference for all parties involved  in the helping process. About 100 participants. The Agenda was :  View AGENDA



 SLIDESHOW (big size pictures) - MS CONFERENCE OCT. 2010



19th October 2010

We are very happy for the sponsorgifts we have got during the year 2010. We do hope that we in beginning of 2011 can ship computers and many other good school equipments to the Philippines and Tanzania / Zanzibar. We hope that MS, Denmark will have funds for the transport costs.

YEARLY CONFERENCE - MS / Actionaid Denmark  29 - 30th October

17th October 2010

AFRO-ASIA EDUCARE has again this year been invited to join the yearly MS conference for Danish NGO's. About 100 will participate. The program is  PROGRAM MS/Actionaid Denmark 

The program is very relevant and interesting. However the "small-talks" amoung the different participants also have a great value. Afro-Asia Educare is represented by chairman Mr. Hans Nielsen and one of the volunteers.

Please also view MX Global Contact Volunteer program MS Volunteer Program  


13th October 2010 

We are happy and proud to announce,  that Mr. Uffe Ellebæk, Aabenraa, Denmark has joined AFRO-ASIA-EDUCARE as volunteer.

Mr. Uffe Ellebæk has a long professional international carreer. He has worked for United Nations and Mellemfolkelig Samvirke for several years in the Philippines, Indonesia and Africa. At present he has a job as director of Aabenraa Business Development, Denmark.

 Hans Nielsen, Chairman and Founder


8. OCTOBER 2010            

One of our friend charity organisations in Cameroon need volonteer teachers.  View more at Cameroon and please contact directly.


New FACEBOOK milestone - 2.900 members


22nd September 2010

13th October 2010           3.000 facebook members ! 

Today we reached the facebook member number 2.900. A reason to be proud and happy  



21st September 2010

We are proud to present our new volunteer, Ms. Lorilyn Baguio Sangual Wessmann, Copenhagen, Denmark.

She is originally from Mindanao, Philippines, but she has lived several years in Denmark and working in the Danish healthsector.

Welcome to the team of Afro-Asia Educare.

Hans Nielsen (Chairman and Founder)


Erhvervenes Hus, Aabenraa, Denmark is a valued corparationpartner - in many ways

30th August 2010 

Cullture-, Music- and Integration Festival in Denmark

Supported by one of our Danish corparations partners

Erhververnes Hus, Aabenraa, Denark. Link:


5 Danish Volunteer Teachers in Puerto Galera, Philippines - first 58 days

 29th August 2010 (English version)   (Danish version)

"58 dage er nu gået, siden vi 5 frivillige lærere sad med næserne trykket flade mod flyruden, for at se hvordan Filippinerne så ud. Vi havde hver vores forudsætninger og forventninger til opholdet. På kajen i Muelle blev vi vel modtaget af det søde ægtepar Nestor og Gloria. Det viste sig dog, at de ikke var helt forberedte på vores ankomst, men efter et lille hvil i Gloria og Nestors private hjem, fik de os hurtigt installeret i et lille hus, hvor der var de ting vi havde brug for i hverdagen. Efter weekenden mødte vi så spændte op på skolen for at få at vide hvornår og hvem vi skulle undervise. Her dalede humøret en anelse, da rektor tog kritisk imod os. Hun havde kun haft stillingen på Puerto Galera National Highschool i 14 dage og først for et par dage siden hørt, at vi var kommet for at arbejde som frivillige. Vi måtte derfor gøre vores bedste for at fortælle om de intentioner og forventninger vi havde i forbindelse med dette ophold, og hun lod os herefter forstå vigtigheden af, at vi forpligtede os til at undervise ud fra deres mål. Desuden måtte der spørges om lov på et højere sted. Det hele faldt dog hurtigt på plads, og allerede næste dag blev vi mødt af glade smil fra lærere og elever, der alle var spændte på, hvad vi havde at byde på. Vi blev hver især tilknyttet en til to lærere alt efter hvilke fag vi skulle undervise i, og de var alle utroligt hjælpsomme.

Fra mandag til torsdag ringer vækkeruret klokken halv seks. Så tripper vi rutineret ind og ud mellem hinanden, inden vi lidt i syv begiver os af sted mod skolen. Hele vejen bliver vi mødt af børn og voksne med et smil og et ”good morning” på læben. De dage det har regnet i løbet af natten gælder det om at sætte sine fødder det rigtige sted i mudderet, således at man ikke pludselig vælter omkuld og får mudder på de fine nye læreruniformer".......

read all 

NEW SCHOOL EQUIPMENT Arrived 27th August 2010

 28th August 2010

2 trucks arrived with valued school equipments yesterday. Here is a photo from offloading to our central storage room, waiting for shipment to our donor schools in Africa and Philippines.


23rd August 2010

A group of people with relations to AFRO-ASIA EDUCARE and HERTZ SCHOOL FOUNDATION are arranging a festival on 11. September 2010. The program and purpose was described on the website of

Please view the link :



NEW MILESTONE - 2.800 Facebook members

22nd August 2010

Today we reached the facebook member number 2.800. A reason to be proud and happy   

Thank you all of you, who are supporting AFRO-ASIA EDUCARE, the Danish foundation helping poor schools in Africa and Philippines since years. 

Hans Nielsen, Chairman & Founder 


23 July 2010

Today Afro-Asia Educare received the second donation of computers and monitors from Østersøhøjskolen, Aabenraa, Denmark.

We are very happy for this corporation with perspective.

 Mr. Allan Nielsen, Østersøhøjskolen hand over a monitor to AAE volunteer Ms. Joy Ongue, Philippines.


11. July 2010 

We are happy to inform, that we now have more than 2.700 Facebook members. More are mostly welcome.


9 July 2010

We are happy to announce a new donor of PC-monitors.  It is the Danish company Helsam A/S, Sønderborg, Denmark 

Here the finance manager Mr. Torben Schmidt handover the first monitor to Mr. Hans J. Nielsen, the Chairman of Afro-Asia Educare. 




23 June 2010

Afro-Asia Educare  and  Adama Hertz School Foundation corparates and arrange a culture festival on 11th September 2010 in Aabenraa.

All etnic groups and Danish people are most welcome. 

Please view the link :  Website : CULTURE FESTIVAL - Aabenraa - 11th September 2010 


21 June 2010                      

Usefull corparation between MS Global Contact and AFRO-ASIA EDUCARE. 

Please view this link from MS GLOBAL CONTACT Volunteer program 

 Want to make a difference? 

As a volunteer makes you a difference when you move your own borders through the meeting with a second daily life and culture from the inside. You meet a new language, they are faced with different customs, different foods and do not get at least a new angle on the world. Being a volunteer means that you get up close and get eye contact with people who even try to make a difference.

How can you make a difference? 
In collaboration with our local partner, you have a unique chance to become a volunteer in the Philippine capital of Manila and work with street children. The organization works to create change and a better life for some of the many children who live on the streets of Manila.  

What can you work with? 
Together with the organization you plan and organize various activities for children, who must provide them with recreation in the harsh reality they live in. This can be through play, socializing and excursions. Children are also taught informally in various subjects such as English, mathematics, geography and art, which you can help with will. There are also organized various sports and theater activities. 

It is a great resource for the organization to get volunteers who can help with these activities. Through the work can you help to create a better everyday life for the children and give them the care and attention they need. The emphasis is on you greatly even can help to shape the activities through their own initiative and interests. 

Besides the above areas, there may be other possible tasks and projects. This also depends on your own interests and initiatives. 


FACEBOOK member nr. 2.600

19June 2010

We are very happy to notice that more and more Facebook members are supporting our Vision and Mission. More than 2.600 had yesterday joined the AFRO-ASIA FACEBOOK group.

More are welcome and very appriciated. 


31st May 2010

At the yearly general assemply it was suggested to extend our help to the citizens of Puerto Galera. In the future the AFRO-ASIA EDUCARE has decides also to help the Puerto Galera Public Hospital. From the Hospital we have received a list with the most necessary equipment needed in the Hospital. We are very happy for this new deminsion of our help to Puerto Galera.

 One of our volunteers and his wife - Mr. Hans J. Christensen and Mrs. Eli Hedegaard will follow up and try to get equipment donatet to the Hospital. Mrs. Eli Hedegarrd was patient for one day in the beginning of 2010.


Hans Nielsen, Chairman 




31st May 2010

A new milestone in the history of AFRO-ASIA EDUCARE has been crossed today.         

More than 2.500 have joined our facebook group. Its amazing.  We are very thankfull for the support and backup we are given from so many people around the World. Thank your very much. 


27th May 2010

Today AFRO-ASIA EDUCARE have made an aggreement with HØJSKOLEN ØSTERSØEN, Aabenraa, Denmark out sponsoring of computer euquipment. We are very thankfull for that.







I Filippinerne får du mulighed for at komme helt tæt på den unge lokalbefolkning i det spændende land.

Filippinerne består af ca 7007 større eller mindre øer. Landet har et tropisk klima, og en utrolig smuk natur med stor biodiversitet og verdens 5. længste kystlinje. Selvom landet har udviklet sig meget de seneste år, er der stadig store forskelle på rig og fattig internt i landet. Der er en meget stor befolkningstæthed og kulturen er præget af de mange forskellige etniciteter, som er med til at gøre Filippinerne til et spændende sted at rejse i. 



19 April 2010

Our corparation with this school has been excellent. The school donatet 400 chairs and 200 tables to our foundation.

View the slideshow on the frontpage of Nordstrandskolen's website


2 new volonteers in AFRO-ASIA EDUCARE

15 April 2010 

We are happy and proud to announce, that 2 new volunteers have joined our organisation. 

 Heidi  Aune, Copenhagen

 A short introduction of Ms. Heide - she says :

"Education for all is one of my obsessions, both personally and professionally. I was trained educator and cand.pæd in general pedagogy (MA Education), I am an active member of "the travellers club" and travel a lot and like to travel, and I am a boardmember of SOPEC (Social Political Economic Council) - a grass-based "think tank". I am Norwegian citizen and a widow."


Mitchel Lopez, Puerto Galera, Philippines

A short introduction of Mr. Mitchel: 

Mitchel is a young dynamic IT-teacher at the local Puerto Galera National Highschool, which school was the very first to get donations from Afro-Asia Educare - back in 2007.  IT-education is very important in the Philippines and the future of the country. Education and IT-knowledge is power and way out of poverty.

 We wish both of you most welcome to AFRO-ASIA EDUCARE

Hans Nielsen, Chairman 




Our Central Storage Room, in Denmark

 14. April 2010

Here is a picture of our central storage room in Denmark.

We are very thankfull to our sponsor - the company Nikosax, Padborg, Denmark


Yearly general assembly - årlig generalforsamling i 2010

Was held in Denmark today 9th April 2010 in Aabenraa: 


Minutes - Yearly general assembly - 9th April 2010 (click)  

Referat (dansk) fra generalforsamlingen den 9. april 2010

Balance Sheet / Regnskab - 2009


 Following personal changes:

The Board 

Resignations : Mr. Willy B. Stellander and Ms. Jocelyn Manalo, Philippines

New boardmembers:  Mr. Ernesto Magboo, Puerto Galera, Philippines (Chief Donation Coordinator)

and Mr. Klaus Hertz, chairman of  Adama Hertz School Foundation, Aabenraa, Denmark


New volunteers 

Mrs. Gloria Magboo, Head Teacher, Puerto Galera National High School, Philippinnes

MS volunteer program coordinator (together with Ms. Joy Ongue)


       Mr. Mitchel Lopez, IT- teacher, Puerto Galera National Highschool, Philippines



Resignations : Mr. Anders Bille, Aabenraa, Denmark

New Autitor : Mr. Svend Erik Christensen, Auditor, Aabenraa, Denmark


The minutes of the meeting and the accounts will be uploaded later.



Danish laptops will soon be sent to Philippines and Tanzania/Zanzibar

6th April 2010

 The laptops sponsored by the SO-SU school in Esbjerg, Denmark, were yesterday picked up by Afro-Asia Educare chairman Mr. Hans Nielsen (right) by the family Mrs. Juliet and Mr. Lars Jeremiassen, Esbjerg.  

The family Jeremiassen is doing a great job, and keep eyes and ears open for equipment usefull for our schools in Africa and the Philippines

Thank you so much.

The Laptops will be destributed to our schools with the next shipment.


200 new Facebook supporters within 3 weeks

6th April 2010

200 new facebook members/supporters have joined the facebook site of AFRO-ASIA EDUCARE during the last 3 weeks.

We are counting 2002 facebook members as per today - members from all part of the World.  Thank you very much. 

Turnover Ceremony in Puerto Galera, Philippines

1st April 2010

On 26 March the were the official turnover ceremony for the latest AFRO-ASIA EDUCARE donation to the schools in the Puerto Galera area.

Our chief donation coordinator (until 9th April 2010) made a  speach (click)    " I am now in a limbo or no man’s land, if you will. I am in between two foundations." 

I think its understandable that our chief donation coordinator Mr. Willy, was happy at that day and sometimes forgot which organisation he was representing.

Most important is, that the school equipment is now in Puerto Galera schools - then education is power and way out of poverty.

Congratulations to the schools and students.

Hans Nielsen, Chairman - Afro-Asia Educare 




31st MARCH 2010

This link gives you a very good information about the possibilities.




Good News from one of our Danish Volunteers - Mr. Lars Jeremiassen 

  5th March 2010

 (Danish to English Google translation)

Mr. Lars Jeremiassen, Esbjerg, Denmark

We live in a time when modern communication technology is becoming an important part of our lives and the teaching of our children's schools.
But it is equally important for children in Africa and Asia.
Therefore, it is also a great necessity to children in the 3rd world have access to this technology as our children take for givet.For we can all agree that it is children who are key to the future development of the 3rd world.
I have first hand area as a visit to my wife's homeland noted that access to modern communications technology is no obvious here. 20 old, almost ancient PCs, to more than 200 children.
This made a big impression on me and my children and I decided that I would make my modest contribution to children in Africa and Asia should have greater opportunities to obtain greater access to modern communications technology.
I therefore began to contact various schools, businesses in my local area, to inquire whether they had some computers to spare as they are not used more. This proved much harder than I had imagined beforehand. Especially divererse bureaucratic obstacles made it difficult for schools to donate computers, although the good will most certainly was present.
But finally managed it!  
I did contact the Social and Public School in Esbjerg which had approx. 20 used PCs standing in the basement and the school was willing to donate to the AAE. PCs need to be "a good and loving care" as it says in the school's terminology before they can be forwarded to schools in Africa and Asia.
So they are now getting the "good and pet care" from a PC expert and the end of the month they would be willing to be assigned to the AFRO-ASIA EDUCARE  (AAE)

Danish Volunteer Program opens new Doors in the Philippines

4th March 2010

AFRO-ASIA EDUCARE  was appointed by the Danish governments suborganisation MS to coordinate a Danish volunteer program. This program has been effective in many foreign poor countries - and now the Philippines get the opportunity to benifit as well.

View more about this charity program, link : MS - Global Contact - Volunteer Program. The program will bring 3-5 young (18-26 years old) well educated Danish resource persons (for example teachers)  to  the Puerto Galera for a period of 3 month (revolving).

An agreement between the Mayor Hubert Dolor   

 (on behalf of the schools in the PG-area and the Municipal Administration) and AFRO-ASIA EDUCARE was made on 2nd of March 2010.

In this way a new door has been opened for charity work in Puerto Galera and the Philippines.

More information about the Danish volunteer program :   +


Container from Denmark to Philippines - CEBU

3rd March 2010

The danish donation container from Afro-Asia Educare arrived yesterday the supported school DOÑA LILING NEIS NEGAPATAN MEMORIAL NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL. 

We have a picture from arrival of the container filled with school equipment from  the Danish school NORDSTRANDSKOLEN (Copenhagen).. See the "latest news" from

13th June 2009..



 View a picture slideshow from arrival of the donantion from Denmark.

Thanks to all involved in this valued transaction.






We are happy to see the number of member of the FaceBook group steady growning. There are now almost 2.000 members (exactly 1.917 as pr. 1st March 2010.

The link to FaceBook group is 


Update: 2002 members as per 15th March 2010 - a NEW MILESTONE      



New Container to Puerto Galera District Schools 

27 February 2010

Today was a happy day for the schools in the Puerto Galera district.

 After some months strugling with the Custom etc. it succeeded our Chief Donation Coordinator Mr. Willy B. Stellander and Jocelyn Manalo and crew to receive the container from Denmark. The donated equipment was donated by Sydbank and DSB (Danish Railways).

The below picture slideshow gives you an impression of the activites. The Puerto Galera police gave valued support during the operation


 Click - and view the photo slideshow 



Yearly general assembly - aarlig generalforsamling i 2010

On friday 9th April 2010 - 10,00 local danish time - Sydbank, Peberlyk, DK-6200 Aabenraa:



1. Election of conductor
2. The board makes their report
3. The checked accounts are presented for approval    
4. Election of treasurer
5. Election of members to the board and substitutes   
6. Received proposals
7. Any other business.


----- in Danish ----


Der indkaldes hermed til ordinær generalforsamling i AFRO-ASIA EDUCARE jfr. vedtægternes par. 5.


Tidspunkt:    fredag den 9. april – kl. 10,00 (lokal dansk tid)

Sted:           Mødelokale i Sydbank, Peberlyk 4, DK-6200 Aabenraa


 Generalforsamlingens dagsorden er følgende.

1. Valg af dirigent
2. Bestyrelsen aflægger beretning
3. Det reviderede regnskab forelægges til godkendelse
4. Valg af revisor
5. Valg af bestyrelsesmedlemmer og suppleanter
6. Indkomne forslag
7. Eventuelt


Forslag som ønskes behandlet på generalforsamlingen skal være bestyrelsens formand i hænde i skriftlig form senest 30 dage før generalforsamlingen.


Indkomne forslag m.v. fra medlemmer og bestyrelsen vil blive rundsendt i god tid forinden generalforsamlingen.

Date: 26. March 2010  

pkt. 4 Valg af revisor:
Anders Bille, Aabenraa har været med fra foreningens start, og ønsker p.g.a. andre opgaver at ophøre.
Der foreslås Svend Erik Cristensen, Aabenraa. Svend Erik Christensen er ansat i Sydbanks interne revisions afdeling.

pkt. 5 Valg af bestyrelsesmedlemmer og suppleanter:
Jfr. vedlagte bilag ønsker Willy B. Stellander og Jocelyn Manalo at udtræde af bestyrelsen.
Som nye bestyrelsesmedlemmer foreslås:

Deputy Chief of Police Ernesto Magboo, Puerto Galera
Klaus Hertz, Aabenraa - formand for hjælpeorganisationen Adama Hertz Private School Foundation

pkt. 6 indkomme forslag
jfr. vedlagte bilag - "To the board of Afro-Asia Educare", dateret 7. februar 2010

Med venlig hilsen

Hans J. Nielsen





4 - 5 Danish teachers (volunteers) will help Puerto Galera

26 January 2010

A group af 4-5 Danish teachers wants to help Puerto Galera Schools. The group manager is Mr. Kasper Larsen. He has previous worked as volonteer teacheer for East Coast Secondary School in Tanzania. He is well known and high respected by Afro-Asia Educare.


Foto: Kasper Larsen


AAE chairman  is coordinating this activity. At present he is discussing with Puerto Galera National High School - the opportunities and some practical issues.


2 good donations for Afro-Asia Educare from Denmark

 25 th January 2010


Our 2 danish volunteers Sylvie Susanne Moerkholdt, Copenhagen and Lars Ydesen, Esbjerg informs that our foundation will receive following equipment from Danish sponsors:

1 big laser color printer   (Sylvie)

25 IBM laptops/notebooks (Lars)


Thank you both for the excellent work.


Danish volunteer program in the Philippines

20 th January 2010


The Chairman of AFRO-ASIA EDUCARE has been in the Philippines for a while.

AAE was appointed by the danish governments suborganisation MS to coordinate a Danish volunteer program. This program has been effective in many foreign poor countries - and now the Philippines get the opportunity to benifit as well.

View more about this charity program : MS - Global Contact - Volunteer Program

The Chairman has had discussions with the districts supervisor Mrs. Marquez and the Hon. Mayor Mr. MD Hubert Dolor regarding this program. The discussions have not been finalized.



10 January 2010


We are happy to announce, that a new Danish volunteer has joined AFRO-ASIA EDUCARE.

Its Mr. Hans Jørgen Christensen, Sønderborg, Denmark

 Mr. Christensen is a retired business man. He has been employed by the largest Danish company Danfoss and other Danish companies as sales engineer - national and international.

Mr. Christensen and his wife Mrs. Eli has visited the Philippines as well as Tanzania/Zanzibar.

We welcome Mr. Christensen to the job in Africa and Philippines.


26th October 2009 

A Danish company NIKOSAX, Padborg has donated a big storage room for Afro-Asia Educare in the town Padborg (near the head office of AAE).


We are very thankful for this useful new storage capacity. Its very important for us between the shipments to Africa and Philippines.



The Team behind AFRO-ASIA EDUCARE are collecting money for the poor suffering families in the Philippines.                           

We appeal to your good heart and ask you please to contribute any amount - small or big. A little is better than nothing.
Please transfer your contribution to our account:

no. 7910-1459604 with SYDBANK, Storegade 18,
DK-6200 Aabenraa, Denmark (SWIFT : SYBKD22) - IBAN NR DK7679100001459604
We make sure that your money comes into the right hands in the Philippines.

Hans Nielsen , Chairman and founder
Willy Stellander, Founder and chief donation coordinator,




Container for the Philippines has just been shipped

25th October 2009 

Another 20 feet container has just been shipped for Puerto Galera District schools and Cebu. The donation consist of many good computers from DSB and furniture from Sydbank. Arrival expected in about 1 month.

The main donor is the danish company DSB.   DSB: (Danish Railways)

DSB carries some 168 million passengers every year and operates approx. 80% of passenger train services in Denmark. DSB provides rail services within Denmark and across international borders. Passenger train km totalled 57 million in 2007. The DSB Group has a turnover of DKK9.5bn and employs a staff of 9,200. In 2007, DSB recorded a profit of DKK 850m.




Container arrived in Tanzania (for Tanzania and Zanzibar)

 25th October 2009


A 40 feet container has arrived for the schools in in Tanzania and Zanzibar.

The container was filled with school tables and school chairs donated by  Nordstandskolen in Dragør (near Copenhagen, Denmark) . See our notice at "latest news" from 13 June 2009.


Mellemfolkelig Samvirke MS - ActionAid Internationl - Yearly conference 2009

24th October 2009 

AFRO-ASIA EDUCARE was represented at the yearly MS conference for NGO's. About 115 were participating in this relevant and good conference in Denmark. Besides status for 2008 and a view into 2009/2010 the Danish Foreign Ministery gave their view of the development in the coming years.

There were time to a lot af group discussions and inter NGO networking, which is very important. Friday evening we very learning singing gospel songs..

Here is a small photo impression from the conference



22nd September 2009

Afro-Asia Educare has joined the Danish "PROJEKTRÅDGIVNINGEN - platform for folkeligt ulandsarbejde". The website link  Projektrådgivningen


 The Project Advice and Training Centre (PATC) is a platform for Danish Civil Society Organisations, CSOs, established in December 1995 in response to a general need among small Danish CSOs to exchange experiences and build the general capacity of staff and volunteers.


Today it is a well-established association of more than 240 small and medium sized Danish CSOs. All member organizations are engaged in development work in Asia, Africa or Latin America - either as their main focus or as part of their activities. 



3rd September 2009

The next container to Puerto Galera District, Philippines is almost packed in Denmark.

 Shipment will take place in a few days. Donor : DSB


5th AUG 2009



The facebook group has realised a great number of new group members worldwide.

Today the number exceeded 1000. We are very happy for this "support"

13rd SEP 2009 (Update)  Now 1533 facebook group members


New volunteer and security advisor in Puerto Galera, Philippines

 3rd AUG 2009

 Deputy Chief of police, Mr Ernesto I. Magboo is now volunteer and security advisor for AAE, Philippines.

New boardmember from Tanzania

8th JULY 2009 

We are happy to announce, that our foundation has got a new boardmember from Tanzania.

It is Mr. Mohamed Mrisho Kikwete,Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. He is an active businessman. He is the brother of the present President of Tanzania.

 We hope for a constructive and positive cooperation. We are sure that the experiences and contacts of Mr. Kikwete will help the development of AFRO-ASIA EDUCARES engagement in Tanzania and Zanzibar.

Welcome to the board and the work in AFRO-ASIA EDUCARE.

New donations - containers for Tanzania and the Philippines

29th JUNE 2009 

We are happy to inform, that AFRO-ASIA EDUCARE have found new Danish sponsors for a new shipments to Africa (Tanzania and Zanzibar) and the Philippines.(see news from 13th June) The transport cost are sponsored by MS Action Aid Denmark (Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke).

One 40 feet container will within a few days be shipped to Africa - filled with schoolchairs and -tables. And we are also preparing the shipment of two 20 feet containers to the Philippines (Puerto Galera area and Cebu) - filled with schoolchairs, -tables and computers.

International school cooperation Philippines - Denmark - evaluation of 1st project

14th JUNE 2009      

Website - "The twin school project" - Denmark - Philippines  "The twin school project"

In September 2008 7th Grade from Lyngbjerggårdskolen in Denmark wrote letters to a class at DOÑA LILING NEIS NEGAPATAN MEMORIAL NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL. There were less students in the Danish Class, so they had to write more letters

1. September 2008.The Tabogon Students got letters from Denmark.
2. November 2008. The Danish students got letters from Tabogon.
3. January 2009. The Tabogon students got letters from Denmark.
4. Letters for the Danish Students
5. Letters for the Tabogon Students
6. Letters for the Danish students.
After that we can only hope we have established some nice friendships.

Evaluation after the project from a teacher at Lyngbjerggårdskolen:
"I have evaluated the project in a cooperation with our 7th grade. We got a lot of positive response from them. One thing I in particular noticed was the fact, that the students remembered what they learned about the Philippines better than other things we worked with.
It proves its valuable to be able to "put faces" on people, who live in the country we work with.

Teacher Dan Dejligbjerg, Lyngbjerggårdskolen, Danmark.

An online project with the 2 classes was also planned, but due to technical problems it was not carried out.

Here you can see examples of some of the letters. Click to enlarge

 For more information - please contact our Mr. Holger C. Andersen, CEBU

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Donation from Veterinærinstituttet, DTU, Aarhus, Denmark


Our foundation Afro-Asia Educare has received a worthfull donation from Veterinærinstuttet in  Aarhus. About 30 flatscreen monitors, modems, switiches, mouses, overhead projector etc.  

We want to  thank the Veterinærinstituttet in Aarhus and especially Ms. HanneBuchholtz who has been our contactperson during a long period.

Also thank to the volunteers from Afro-Asia Educare for a great work. You will see some pictures from the operation. Until we can ship into container to Africa and Philippines we had to temporaly store the good stuff in a storeroom in Aabenraa.




GOOD NEWS. 400 Chairs and 200 Tables for AAE